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What we have to prove:
A person seeking to get their license back must prove a number of things to the Hearing Officer in order to win their appeal. The most important are:

  1. That your alcohol problem is under control,
  2. That your alcohol problem is likely to remain under control, and, sometimes,
  3. That you are motivated to drive safely and within the law.

How we prove it:

  1. You have quit drinking and haven't consumed any alcohol in the last year.
  2. You have a system or plan in place to keep you from drinking, like having completed an alcohol education or rehab program, and/or that you have made substantial and permanent lifestyle changes that will keep alcohol out of your life.
  3. You demonstrate a willingness to follow the law and any restrictions the Secretary of State may impose upon you.

What I provide:
I provide a mock interview where I will prepare you for the real hearing.  I have the experience necessary to guide you on the right path to a license restoration.  I make sure the letters gather include the necessary information to best assist the hearing officer to give you the best chance of success.  I prepare the application materials and refer you to the proper place to get the alcohol assessment and 10 point drug screen. I am very successful at getting approvals but in the unlikely chance you are denied reinstatement, I will order a copy of the transcripts and provide those to you. I will also cut my fee in half for the next hearing.  

Please call 616-915-6576 for a FREE consultation


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