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Mark Caldwell Grand Rapids working in Grand Rapids office

About Us

West Michigan’s Premier Drunk Driving and Criminal Defense Attorney

Mark M Caldwell Attorney at Law is committed to providing compassionate, experienced legal representation to clients facing drunk driving and criminal charges in West Michigan. We are dedicated to achieving the best outcomes possible while living up to our value of offering tailored advice and aggressive defense strategies with a personalized touch. Our mission statement is simple: we strive to provide justice for all who approach us and seek our help, regardless of their circumstances or background. We bring a level of knowledge and skill to each case that will help ensure our clients get the fairest outcomes possible. Our vision for a better tomorrow involves creating an accessible legal system where every individual can trust that their rights will be protected and defended vigorously by competent counsel. We believe that everyone deserves equal access to justice, no matter what - and it's this belief which drives us onwards in our work today.

Mark Caldwell working in Grand Rapids Office
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