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Probation Violations

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Consequences of Violation of Probation

Upon finding a probationer guilty of violating a condition of probation, a sentencing court may:

  1. Continue probation without punishment for the violation

  2. Modify the conditions of probation or extend the period of probation

  3. Revoke probation and sentence the defendant on the underlying offense.

Probation - Revocation

The granting of probation is a matter of grace with no vested right to its continuance. If during probation it appears that the probationer is likely to again engage in criminal conduct, the court may revoke probation.
If probation is revoked, the court may sentence the probationer in the same manner and to the same penalty as it could have done if probation had never been granted.

Will my deferred sentence be revoked if I violate probation?

Unfortunately, in my many years of experience, almost every Judge will revoke the deferred sentence.  If you find an attorney that states otherwise he is lying to you to get you as a client.  With probation violations your probation officer will make a recommendation to judge and will most likely appear in court. My office works with the probation officer and the judge to get the best possible results. 

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