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DUI | OWI | Drunk Driving

Have you been arrested or charged with driving under the influence? Regardless if you’re guilty or not, you need a DUI attorney to represent you. Call the Grand Rapids offices of Mark Caldwell any time, day or night. We pride ourselves on the attention we give to our clients.

Driver's License Restoration

Losing your license is a huge burden! Life is simply difficult without a driver's license and nothing beats getting it back, and we can make that happen for you! Located in Grand Raids, MI, call us day or night! We want to hear from you and how we can help you get back on the road!

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Reviewing Legal Agreement


Michigan’s new expungement laws maintain the typical process, where a person eligible to have an offense set aside must demonstrate to the court that issued the conviction that they deserve the expungement. This will be done through an evaluation of their actions from the date of conviction until the date of the petition.

Criminal Defense

Looking to hire a criminal lawyer? Look no further! Our team is capable of providing you with transparent and calculated legal counsel. The three things to consider when hiring an attorney are: experience, fees, and personality. Our experienced team provides you with an upfront and cost-effective strategy to face your problems head on.

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Traffic Offenses

Under Michigan law, a traffic violation is classified as either a civil infraction or a misdemeanor. In most situations, traffic violations are negotiable. Hiring an attorney to negotiate a ticket may appear to be more expensive than simply paying the ticket, but that is often not the case. Let us help you navigate a ticket reduction and save you money and time in the long run!

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